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The Mini-Massage Gun that gets the job done!

Relieve chronic pain, soreness, and tension - experience the quality of life that you deserve.


    Performance: Effectively relieve muscle soreness and body aches with 6 different speeds of
    treatment, 1800rpm to 3200rpm, and 6mm amplitude. Full charge lasts 4-6 hours.

    Sound: Below 45dp

    Portability: Compact in size this mini massage gun is only 6.85 inches and can fit in an size
    gym bag or small handbag. This massage gun is perfect for the light traveler or avid workout warrior. Weight 1.32lbs.

    Accessories: Target any body part with 4 different massage heads that treat stubborn soreness or relieve much needed tension areas. Includes 1 pin-point round head, 1 flat head, 1 ball head, and 1 "U-Shaped" head.

    Carrying Case: *Bonus* Compact and durable carrying case. Dimensions: 8in x 8in x 2.5in

    Special Feature: This mini-massage gun has a built-in smart chip that increases vibration intensity during the massage when more pressure is applied.

    Battery Health: This massage gun utilizes a universal Type-C charging port. Charging cord
    included and can be used with various power sources. Built-in lithium battery. Full charge in 4-6 hours.

  • 4 Attachement Heads and Carrying Case Included

  • Compact, Portable Design for easy storage and transport

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Effective in increasing range of motion in muscles

Research shows that use of handheld percussive massage devices as part of a structured warm-up before exercise is effective because muscle guns can acutely increase range of motion and reduce markers of fatigue without
negatively impacting force output or muscle activation.

Reduce the Effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Reduces perceived pain and releases tight or restricted fascia whilst simultaneously increasing range of motion.

User-Friendly Treatment Device

Provide an easy to use method of myofascial release that can be self-administered or can be administered by another individual.

Mini-Massage Gun Unboxing

Please note: These statements are not intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Please see a licensed healthcare professional if you have any musculoskeletal conditions or are experiencing pain.

Source: Martin, J. (2021, January 20). A critical evaluation of percussion massage gun devices as a rehabilitation tool focusing on lower limb mobility: A literature review.